Vipeers has started to enforce some tight restrictions for its free torrent hosting and download service. The service now restricts users to "a handful of http downloads per file", after which the following error message is displayed:

pic of vipeers error message

The restrictions are are reaction to abuse of the service, according to the Vipeers blog:

"(W)e're doing what every abused hosting service has to do: detect abuse and block it. Until we have the ultra-fine control dashboard that we aim at, unfortunately we have to be harsher with all our users. That's why we have put some limitations to the number of http downloads."

The restrictions also seem to affect the Bittorrent seeding of files through Vipeers' servers, as users are told that "(t)he file is not relayed in P2P anymore", but the Vipers blog explains that you can always just distribute your file by seeding it yourself. Of course, that was possible all along through other torrent sites.

These restrictions show how tough it can be for hosting and backup providers to strike a balance between being user friendly and not going bankrupt due to exorbitant bandwidth consumption - a lesson that others already have learned the hard way. Nevertheless, Vipeers seems to be willing to go ahead with its service, and the company apparently has some new stuff coming out very soon, so it's definitely worth to keep an eye on them.

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