has started a beta test of its API, offering Bittorrent application developers and website admins an easy way to access aggregated statistics about any given torrent.

pic of bitsmash api logo

Bitsmash's website launched in early October, offering advanced statistics for most popular torrents from well-known public torrent sites. The site does for example not only show how many people seed a certain torrent across various trackers, but also how the ratio of seeders to leechers changed over time. It even features a geolocation / mapping feature, which however seems to be very slow and oftentimes inaccessible.

Bitsmash's new API isn't offering all the bits and pieces users get from the site to developers just yet, but it still delivers essential stats and and links as XML data. Developers could use this, for example, to add advanced statistics or even auto-fetch Amazon title art for torrents from Amazon.

All the API data is licensed under a very liberal Creative Commons license that makes it possible to use it for mash-ups and even commercial projects as long as attribution is given to Bitsmash. it will be interesting to see what developes will come up with.

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