The BBC is reporting that the British Association of Independent Music (AIM) is debating alternatives to P2P lawsuits. One of them apparently includes legalized file sharing in exchange for a collective license:

"Ways of charging ISPs for acting as an "intermediary" between and music buyers is another area highlighted in the discussion, details of which were revealed on Wednesday. This could take the form of a collective licence - similar to the current radio licence in the UK - which would allow ISPs to host file-sharing for a fee that would go to record companies and musicians. "

The article isn't too clear about how such a license could be applied. It talks about a change in the law, which in effect would be a compulsory license. Of course there is another way: Voluntary collective licensing. AIM represents roughly 20 percent of the UK music market. How big of a market share do you need to break a new business model?

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