A quick note to my California-based readers: Unfortunately, I had to discover today that the folks behind Proposition 8 have booked ads on P2P Blog. I've previously had political ads on this site that didn't reflect my point of view. In particular, one presidential campaign (guess which one) apparently thought it was wise to buy ads against keywords that are also used on this site.

I didn't really mind, because I believe that my readers can make up their own minds about this election. And of course, like on every good website, there is a strict distinction between editorial content and ads on this site, so I didn't feel like readers would suspect I'm supporting any particular cause just because one of my ad networks decides to display one candidate's ads.

However, if there's one thing I cannot stand, then that's bigotry. Trying to take away peoples' constitutional rights just because your wrongheaded beliefs tell you that their way of living is somehow sinful is just plain wrong. And using children to advertise your hateful cause which would essentially make it harder for other people to found families and have children on their own is despicable.

There's no place for that on this blog, and there shouldn't be in California. I'm a resident of this state, but don't enjoy the privilege of being able to vote. All I could do was to block those ads, but I sincerely hope my California-based readers will take it one step further and vote no on Proposition 8 on November 4th.

You can read all about Proposition 8 here, and here's why the LA Times is against Prop. 8.

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