Technorati stopped indexing this website two weeks ago, and I have no idea why. I have since validated the RSS feed as well as the XHTML, and I have also made some changes to my templates. I've tried different methods of pinging the Technorati server, and I've looked for help on other websites - with no resolution yet.

Then today Technorati offers me to anwer a survey - and I think: Great, let's tell them their service doesn't work. Turns out it's just about potential advertising solutions and commercial widgets. Even worse: Technorati tells you to get lost if one of your blog isn't primarily targeting a US-based audience - even if you have other blogs that still might be relevant:

"We appreciate your efforts, but unfortunately you do not fit with the specific criteria we are pursuing for this project. Thank you for your time."

Now if I only knew how to make P2P Blog fit their crieria for pursuing their original project, namely indexing blogs ...

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