A torrent featuring autopsy photos of two murdered toddlers has been causing a slight stir in Sweden in recent days. At the center of the controversy is a double-murder case that made headlines in Sweden earlier this year, partly because of its brutality, and partly because the father of the children was wrongfully accused and arrested.

Someone uploaded a torrent featuring the case files to The Pirate Bay in early August. Part of these case files are autopsy photos. Th father of the children has now asked the Pirate bay to remove the torrent because he doesn't want those pictures in circulation, but the site's operators refused, according to The Local, which quotes the Bay's Peter Sunde with the following words:

"I donít think itís our job to judge of something is ethical or unethical or what other people want to put out on the internet."

One predictable outcome of the whole ruckus is that the torrent has become really popular and is currently served by over 550 people. Perhaps more interesting is that The Pirate Bay has not only become the target, but also the platform for a debate about free speech. The torrent's page is featuring more than a thousand comments by now, with commenters passionately taking both sides of the argument.

(via gulli)

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