"Make Money Doing What You Love", "Double Your Dating - Online Hookups for Dummies", "Psychology - Instant Fact - How to Get the Truth Out of Anyone", and of course "How To Get Laid": Have you ever wondered why the e-book section of your average torrent site usually features countless trashy e-books that would never make it into any decent book store? The answer is simple: Affiliate links.

Affiliate marketers are increasingly using torrent sites to spread their links and make a few extra bucks from unsuspecting downloaders. One of them recently shared her recipe for success on Gather.com. The poster, who goes by the user name Lana R., explains:

"I've come to a conclusion that "pirates" however cheap as they come, are unable to get over one big manly flaw, SEX. And my tests have proven, that pirates PAY on a higher consistency than the average online porn surfer. This translates into much higher conversion rates, with a much larger somewhat untapped market."

It seems like Lana has since completely embraced the pirate lifestyle. She's even copying or mashing up other people's books in order to spread her links:

"Get (or ahem purchase) dating guides (ebooks/videos/seminars) online. (...) Scrape them and summarize them into an ebook less than 5 pages long."

Apparently not everyone appreciates Lana's hard work. She writes that she has been banned from torrent sites before for posting books with titles like "Online women are easy" and "Where to find horny women online." Her solution is apparently to come up with even more ridiculous titles for her link-laden e-books:

"You want to change your title and description to something like this... "$3997 Underground Online Dating Guide - Only sold to 10 people" or any variation to this. Basically you want everyone to know that the ebook WASN'T FREE, and it costs a bomb to get such an exclusive guide. Remember to make up a guru name like "Mr. Playboy"."

I know, sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But the sad truth is that Lana R. has made almost 900 bucks so far with this stuff - that is, if her numbers are right. But who wouldn't believe Mr. Playboy?

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