Ted "a series of tubes" Stephens got indicted on charges of making false statements in a corruption investigation today. At the heart of the investigation are gifts from an oil company that were used to revamp Stephens's vacation home, according to the LA Times.

Stephens is know as the longest-serving Republican senator, but he only got famous online two years ago when he described the Internet as "a series of tubes" in a confused anti-net-neutrality rant.

I thought it might be interesting to check who else gave money to Stephens over the years. OpenSecrets reveals that Stephens has been number five on the list of top recipients of the telephone industries, getting a total of 41,400 dollars. He was on spot number six when he made his tubes remarks in 2006, but trailed on spot 17 back in the 2004 election cycle.

One should of course note that these were legal contributions, whereas the donations at the center of the indictment weren't properly reported. Also, to be fair and non-partisan for once, here are the top three recipients in the US Senate of telco dollars: John McCain ($365,955), Hillary Clinton ($246,747) and Barack Obama ($220,789).

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