European and Australian researchers want to build a giant P2P network on the basis of TV set-top boxes, Computerworld Australia reported this week. The so-called Nanodatacenters project is based on the idea that you donít need giant data centers as long as you have increasingly powerful devices in millions of living rooms, capable of doing so much more than suffering through all those Law & Order re-runs.

Nanodatacenters is part of the FP7 research program, which is funded by the EU to the tune of several billion euros per year and covers everything from advances in agriculture to space programs. Nanodatacenterís goals are also rather broad. A researcher told Computerworld that the set-top box network could be used to power anything from a Flickr-type of service to an online gaming platform. Of course, there are also interesting use cases for online video, ranging from HD delivery to huge, decentralized libraries of on-demand content. Continue reading at

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