The EU commission recently decided to extend EU copyright law for sound recordings from 50 to 95 years. The proposed term extension still has to be ratified by the European parliament, and resistance against these plans is growing.

17 experts on copyright law from such distinguished institutions like the Max-Planck-Institute for Intellectual Property and the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute published a joint editorial in the UK's Times this week, warning of the grave consequences such an extension could have. From the editorial:

"The proposed Term Extension Directive undermines the credibility of the copyright system. It will further alienate a younger generation that, justifiably, fails to see a principled basis.

Many of us sympathise with the financial difficulties that aspiring performers face. However, measures to benefit performers would look rather different. They would target unreasonably exploitative contracts during the existing term, and evaluate remuneration during the performer’s lifetime, not 95 years. "

They didn't quite say it - but am I the only one who reads a reference to file sharing between the lines here? Either way, the whole editorial is definitely worth reading.

(via Arbeit 2.0)

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