This is a little older, but becoming a little more relevant these days: Siemens demonstrated a SIP-based Skype alternative called "Peerthings" at the last CeBIT. An informative video interview is available here, and here's a screenshot, as found in these slides:

peerthings screenshot

The main features: Voice and IM chat, video conferencing and a distributed database based on an adaptation of the Chord DHT.

There is no file sharing function avaliable to the user tho, and a file distribution function is only used for updates. Siemens wants to sell this appliaction to carriers, which is why they don't want to include file trading. This might be a bad decision, since pretty much every IM client offers at least some sort of file transfer thse days.

But that's a minor detail, since the product isn't available yet anyway. The real question is: Which role does Peerthings play after the recent Siemens transactions? The company sold its mobile phone unit to BenQ, and merged its network technology unit with Nokia. Does this mean Peerthings is now part of Nokia Siemens Networks? And what does that mean for Nokia's own P2P research?

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