FCC chairman Kevin Martin has finally decided that he’s had it with Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking. As the AP first reported last night, Martin has drafted an order to punish the cable giant for its “arbitrary” interference with its customers’ Internet access. The draft will be sent to Martin’s fellow commissioners today, and the commission will cast a vote on Aug. 1st. Comcast has denied the accusation, as Stacey is reporting on GigaOM, calling its network management efforts “carefully limited.”

Others obviously disagree. The media reform group Free Press, whose complaint prompted the FCC’s investigation, applauded Martin’s decision, saying that consumers were “poised for victory.” The group also called the development an “historic test” of the FCC’s Net Neutrality guidelines. That’s at least one point on which Free Press and Comcast seem to agree, with the cable giant complaining in its statement that the FCC had “never before provided any guidance on what it means by ‘reasonable network management.’” Apparently this really is history in the making — so let’s take a look back and see how it all came about. Continue reading at Newteevee.com.

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