Feeling a little bored during this long weekend? Fireworks, barbecue and HD TV shopping trips havenít left you satisfied? Then how about a few juicy statistics about file sharing, video streaming and one click hosters? Sounds exciting? Well, youíre definitely a geek, but a lucky one too: The German traffic management company Ipoque just made itís Internet Study 2007, which previously cost around 300 USD, available as a free download.

The study looks at popular P2P protocols and the files that are exchanged through them in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It also provides a detailed look at which streaming media formats are popular, which VOIP applications get the most traffic, which instant messaging services are most utilized and which e-books are the most pirated.

The data is based on ISP- and University-based traffic analysis, meaning that Ipoque actually had devices at 18 commercial and non-commercial access providers to take a good look at the bits flowing through their tubes. Ipoque didnít do any measurements in the US, but itís still worth a look to get a sense of trends in P2P and online media usage in the rest of the world. Want to get a peak? Okay, here are five little-known facts you can impress your geek friends at this weekendís barbecue party with: Continue reading at Newteevee.com.

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