Gizmodo is running an interesting post today about ways Tivo could improve it's somewhat dated device. First point on their list:

"Use BitTorrent to download shows legally. (...) Why not have TiVo centrally record a show, then let you torrent it out, complete with commercials, if you happen to miss recording it yourself? The ads keep the studios happy, and the fact that you get to watch a show keeps you happy."

I'm not really sure studios would be that happy about these central databases of copyrighted works - that's basically the same thing that brought down back in 2001. Still, file swapping through your Tivo sounds like an interesting idea, and Tivo is definitely in need of some upgrades

By the way, I wrote my own Tivo features wish list a while back for Newteevee. I still like all of those ideas, but what lately really want is an easy way to control my Tivo through a notebook that's on the same home network. Entering text with the Tivo remote is just painful. That didn't use to matter much when it was just about finding a show every now and then, but new services like Rhapsody on Tivo are basically unusable without a proper input device.

Sure, Tivo could release branded keyboards, but most of the time I already have a keyboard on my lap. So why not just let me play with the Tivo menus on my notebook?

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