The new version 3.1 of Vuze features an option to share torrents with your friends and contacts, offering not only social recommendations but also higher download speeds. Read all about it over at There is however one catch: Friends have to register with, and some people might be wary of the fact that the company could log what kind of torrents you share, since this is content you have most likely downloaded as well.

I asked the Vuze team to explain how exactly these torrent suggestions are shared between clients and if any of the information ever touches their servers. The info didn't make it in the article on Newteevee anymore, but I thought it might be worth sharing. Here's their reply:

"Each client generates a public and a private key. The private key is only ever known or accessible to that client. The public key enables encryption of files and the private key, unencryption. When two users become "Friends" they exchange the public key that allows them to encrypt torrent files. Therefore, when they send a torrent file to a Friend they use their Friend's public key to encrypt the file and then when their Friend receives the torrent file, they use their own private key to unencrypt. This communication happens directly between clients when both Friends are online. If they are offline, then it is relayed by Vuze, but as the keys are generated by the individual clients Vuze has no knowledge of the keys."

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