This summerís TV season is creeping up on us, and the networks are once again trying to get us hooked on a bunch of new and not-so-new shows. A lot of money is being spent on traditional promotion, but you can also expect an increased number of free downloads from the iTunes store, Amazon Unbox and similar platforms. Some producers are even more brave (or desperate, depending on your point of view), leaking their material to YouTube and file-sharing networks.

Usually thatís something people donít talk about. One exception is Spike TVís new show, Factory. The network hired the P2P promoters of the Jun Group to distribute the showís pilot on the Limewire file-sharing network, according to the LA Times. This might not have been the best choice. After all, Limewire is primarily used to download music, and the network is completely search-based, meaning users have to know what they are looking for, and who would search for a still-unknown TV show of a not-that-popular cable network? But donít worry, itís not all that complicated to get P2P promotion right. Here are five essential points to get your show popular with file-swappers. Continue reading at

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