The Canadian torrent site Isohunt has teamed up with the European online music platform Jamendo. Isohunt is now featuring almost 20,000 torrents from Jamendo, offering access to more than 150,000 Creative Commons-licensed songs. From Isohunt:

"You can now see Jamendo originated torrents highlighted by white tabs labeled "Jamendo Verified" in our search results, and here's a list of their torrents indexed on isoHunt. Their torrent descriptions also come in full HTML glory, like this one. In return, Jamendo is choosing isoHunt as their search engine for global torrents beyond their music database."

This isn't the first time Isohunt is embracing Creative Commons. Site owner Gary fung, who is currently being sued by the US music industry, even hinted at a Creative Commons-only future for Isohunt back in December of 07.

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