Verisign spun off Kontiki this week, and my colleagues over at Newteevee did a great job in covering all the details, including this interview with Kontiki's new president Eric Armstrong. I had lunch with some folks from Kontiki at the DCIA event on Monday, and they were still adjusting to their independence, as you can tell by the name tag below ...

kontiki at dcia media summit los angeles

One interesting tidbit that I took away from the conversation was that Kontiki is looking at implementing its player into set top boxes. The company has developed a Linux client, but didn't really have those millions of Ubuntu users interested in DRMed video content in mind - in fact, the lack of cross-platform DRM seems to be the main reason the BBC isn't using the OS X version of Kontiki for its iPlayer.

But that's a different story, back to Linux for now: The reason for the port was that Kontiki wants to get on set top boxes, and most of those are running some form of Linux. The company apparently hasn't any deals yet, but it could be one of the first ones to bring a P2P-based media distribution solution to set to boxes that is sanctioned by the rights holders.

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