Hollywood has been stepping up its demands for ISP-based P2P filters in recent weeks, with the MPAA suggesting that such filters would help unclog the Internetís tubes. But how well do P2P-filtering appliances really work? The French music industry association SNEP recently teamed up with Internet Evolution to find out. The idea was to run an extensive test with products from dozens of vendors and publish the results online so that ISPs could make informed decisions.

Well that was the idea. Most of the device manufactures balked at this degree this transparency ó 28 vendors were invited to take part in the six-month test; 24 of them declined. And three of the remaining five decided that they didnít agree with the test results and refused to have them published. So whatís the filtering industry so scared of? Maybe itís the fact that its products just donít work that well. Continue reading at Newteevee.com.

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