Douglas Merrill left Google this week to become the president of EMI's digital group, and guess what: He still doesn't want to be evil. CNet talked to Merrill, and he told the news service that he believes piracy can be good for artists. Merill also spoke out against the industry's lawsuit strategy. CNet writer Greg Sandoval quotes him with the following words:

"Obviously, there is piracy that is quite destructive but again I think the data shows that in some cases file sharing might be okay. What we need to do is understand when is it good, when it is not good...Suing fans doesn't feel like a winning strategy."

Merrill also seems to be open to the idea of an ISP fee like the one proposed by Warner Music, and he said he was really impressed by Nine Inch Nails Ghost release. The band released its most recent opus Ghosts I-IV under the terms of a Creative Commons license and uploaded nine songs to The Pirate Bay. Merrill's comment:

"I think the Nine Inch Nails' release of Ghosts experiment was fascinating."

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