The Berklee College of Music, M-Audio, Digidesign and others have donated more than eight Gigabyte of sound samples to the OLPC project, which in turn is now sharing these samples with the community under the terms of a Creative Commons license. From the Creative Commons blog:

"The samples are being released under a CC BY license and while they are intended for (and facilitated by) the OLPC project, they are available publicly, making this a a huge contribution not only to the OLPC but also to those looking for free, high quality, samples in general."

Interest in the samples seems to be huge: The OLPC Wiki is reporting that the project has transmitted 5TB per day since the sound files have been made available last week. The OLPC foks are now looking for a better server.

Until then, it's Bittorrent to the rescue: A substantial subset of the samples has been made available via Mininova and the Pirate Bay tracker in the form of a fat 4.3 GB torrent.

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