German authorities have confiscated ten servers at a web hosting company in Frankfurt. The servers were part of a private torrent site that offered paid access to web-seeded Hollywood blockbusters and video game titles, according to the German anti-piracy association GVU.

A GVU press release states
that users had to pay between 20 and 500 Euros to get metered download access. The site supposedly had 13.000 paying members that transfered 60 Terabyte of data each month. There is no independent confirmation of any of these numbers at this point.

The investigations apparently started when the MPAA tried to track down leaked Oscar screeners. The first copy of one title was found on a fle sharing portal hosted in Germany, which is why the MPAA asked GVU to get involved. GVU initiated criminal investigations against the owner of the portal and asked the police to take actions against the servers in question. It's unclear whether anyone has been charged yet.

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