The Miro blog recently reported that Democracy Now is saving 1000 bucks per month by using Bittorrent to distribute its video downloads.

democracy now torrents

Democracy Now has between 400 and a thousand downloaders per day for its video files. Doesn't sound that much, right? Well, it still comes to seven to eight Terabyte of data transfered per month.

The Miro folks estimate that the show would have to pay about 1200 dollars per month if these downloads were distributed as plain old HTTP downloads via Amazon's S3. Democracy Now instead uses a single server that is donated but otherwise would cost about 200 bucks per month to seed its shows and lets Bittorrent users do the rest.

Kinda makes you wonder how much publishers of more popular shows could save if they were using Bittorrent through Miro or a similar client instead of web-based video podcasts, doesn't it?

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