The German Pirate Party only got 0.2 percent of the votes in Hamburg's state election this Sunday. Official results show that the party got a total of 1754 votes in the maritime town that is known for it's pirate history. The party would have needed more than 60.000 votes to actually get some of it's representatives into Hamburg's Buergerschaft, the local state parliament.

1754 votes also put the pirates behind other fringe groups like the neo-fascicst DVU (6342 votes / 0.8 percent) or the senior party (2406 votes / 0.3 percent). Even a party simply called "the party" that was founded by a German satire magazine got a few more votes (1945 / 0.3 percent) than the Pirate Party. More importantly, a result of 0.2 percent also means that the pirates won't receive any public financing to reimburse them for their election campaign costs.

This is the second major setback for the German Pirate Party. The party only secured 0.3 of the votes when it took part in the Hesse state election earlier this year.

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