The folks from the Pirate Bay have written on their new court blog that the DNS blocking actions of a Danish ISP against their site have backfired: Traffic from Denmark actually has increased 12 percent, according to a recent blog entry.

People are also flocking to the new anti-censorship site that has been launched this week by The Pirate Bay to explain how to get around the block, but the Pirate Bay admins seem to think that most people figured out a way to get around the obstacle on their own already. From the Pirate Bay court blog:

"Our site is growing more because of the media attention than people actually coming to learn how to bypass the filter - our guess is that alot of the users on the site now run OpenDNS instead of the censoring DNS at"

Denmarks biggest ISP has been forced to block The Pirate Bay at the DNS level by a court order initiated by the Danish music industry. Court decisions like this one are an important part of the industry's new, aggressive strategy to force ISPs into proactively fighting piracy. It doesn't look like this strategy is working too well though. From the blog entry:

"We also started tracking some stats before and after the block. There’s no noticable difference between the number of users from before and after."

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