The Isohunt admins have announced in their forum that they have received two Opteron 2352 CPUs from AMD for beta-testing purposes. The quad-core processors that aren't available for sale yet are now powering Isohunt's primary database server. From the site:

"We ran all of our web traffic for about 20 minutes earlier today on those CPUs without any issue, so they're certainly powerhouses."

The Opteron 2352 is a 2100 MHz quad-core processor. It was supposed to be introduced back in September last year, but a bug has been causing a major headache and has messed up the company's release schedule. The first servers with bug free quad-core Opterons are now expected to hit the market in April.

It's interesting to say the least that AMD would choose Isohunt as a beta tester for its CPUs. Isohunt has been sued by the MPAA for copyright infringement in early 2006. It's owners decided defend themselves in court rather than closing down. Isohunt has recently hinted at moving towards licensed content.

The site is one of the largest torrent indexing platforms. It's currently indexing 938616 torrents from 57697 trackers - enough to give the AMD processors a good workout.

(via Sunny Talks Tech)

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