Now this is embarrassing: The ad-supported P2P music service QTrax was supposed to launch at midnight today with the music of all four major labels. The company spent almost one million US-dollars to promote the launch at the French Midem music conference, inviting LL Cool J, James Blunt and Don Henley to join them for the launch announcement.

Well, tuns out they don't have their licenses in place just yet. The Times is reporting:

"A spokesman for Universal, the largest of the labels, told Times Online today that it was "in discussion" with Qtrax, but that no agreement was in place. A source at Warner said: "Warner Music Group has not authorised the use of our content on Qtrax's recently announced service." Both Sony BMG and EMI also confirmed to Times Online that Qtrax did not have the right to use their recorded music catalogue."

Oups. The company is still insisting that it indeed has those deals in place but that the "ink hadn't dried" on these deals and that the whole delay is "because a competitor tried to damage us", as QTrax CEO Alan Klepfisz told the Times.

Now Hypebot is reporting that the QTrax launch got delayed for the time being. Guess they can always hire LL Cool J again.

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