The German Pirate Party just published some internal documents that show how Bavarian crime fighters want to get around Skype's VOIP encryption: The plan is to trick suspects into installing trojan-like malware on their PCs that then captures Skype phone calls and forwards them to a remote server.

Sounds like a crazy idea? Well, it's much more than just a toothless proposal. It seems like Bavarian officials have already been talking to a software development company about programming such a trojan. A detailed cost proposal is part of the leaked documents.

The proposed "Skype capture unit" would be able to forward VOIP calls, video, Skype chat and even file transfers in real time to the police. Eavesdroppers would also be able to see who is on a supect's buddy list and what kind of SMS messages the person sends through Skype. All relayed communication would be encrypted as well, and the trojan would delete itself after its no longer being needed to prevent detection.

The costs for all of this: 3500 Euro per month and suspect for the capture software, and another 2500 Euro to set up the remote eavesdropping equipment. In addition, police could get man in the middle attack-style access to SSL-encrypted browser data for another 2500 bucks per month. The software developers also suggest to rent proxy servers in foreign countries to make the own IP addresses untraceable.

Bavarian justice department officials didn't want to say whether these documents are in fact authentic, but they also didn't want to call them a fake, according to

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