Liz Gannes is reporting at Newteevee that the Roo Group has just completely dismantled Wurldmedia - a start-up that used to run a walled garden P2P platform called Peerimpact that let consumers buy DRM-protected songs. Peerimpact at one point offered prospective customers songs for 9 Cents a pop, but that apparently didn't persuade anyone to sign up either.

Roo closed down Peerimpact soon after it acquired Wurldmedia back in February 2007 and instead tried to incorporate the P2P features into its B2B platform. Liz writes at Newteevee that the entire Wurldmedia team got laid off and its offices got closed. Roo doesn't want to say good-bye to P2P completely though. Here's what CEO Kaleil Isaza Tuzman had to say in a public statement:

"Our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost effective delivery system available; and as such, we will provide P2P options for our clients through business alliances with P2P providers as opposed to developing these competencies internally."

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