Demonoid and its users went through quite a bit of trouble over the last few months. The torrent site used to be hosted int he Netherlands until Dutch rights holders put pressure on its ISP Leaseweb. Demonoid then moved to Canada - only to be confronted with a similar hostile environment. The site finally shut down in November following weeks of pressure from the Canadian music industry.

Demonoid's users however still want it to return, and they started to look for alternative hosting locations all around the world. They started a collaborative list of potential host countries. Turns out there are many no-go area for P2P communities, either because of armed conflicts or tough intellectual property laws.

I used to visualize the list. Here's where Demonoid definitely won't find a new home:

These countries on the other hand are still considered as potential hosting locations:

It will be interesting to see where Demonoid and other P2P communities will end up settling down.

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