Isohunt admin Gary Fung just came out with an interesting statement that hints at a dramatically different future for the embattled Bittorrent website. Fung used the Isohunt Forums this weekend to out himself as a believer in doing the right thing, which for him means "that you should not steal", adding: "No, I'm not being hypocritical, and the MPAA didn't tell me so."

Instead it was Larry Lessig, says Fung, who is full of praise for Lessig's book Free Culture. Being a Lessig disciple of course also means praising Creative Commons. From the article:

"You want to save P2P? BitTorrent? File sharing? isoHunt? Then take your anarchist sentiments and eat it, because all you will get is being labelled pirates and thieves and that's not cool. Instead, get as much adoption of Creative Commons licensing as possible, then we can all share our hearts out on more CC licensed materials on isoHunt and BitTorrent and P2P networks without legal repercussions or risk of starving your favorite artist or actor or film maker."

Embracing Creative Commons isn't just a sentiment for Fung. Instead, he sees Isohunt moving towards CC licensed content. Does that mean that all unlicensed torrents will vanish from the site? Fung hasn't come out with any details, but he hints at big changes ahead:

"And Creative Commons is isoHunt's future, you can interpret that however you like. More on that too as things develop. Next year you will see interesting things, I assure you. "

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