I'm a little late with this one because I was strugling with a deadline and now I'm on my way to Newteevee live, but I thought it was still interesting to mention that EMI has sued Michael Robertson of MP3.com fame for his Sideload.com platform. Sideload.com makes it possible to fill up your personal MP3Tunes.com music locker with tracks available on the web. EMI argues that Robertson doesn't have a license to use those tracks, but his argment is that Sideload is merely a search engine.

I'm not sure how far this lawsuit will go, but if brought to trial it could make up for an interesting precendence for the legaliy of Torrent siets in the US. Of course judges could also decide to simply rely on the Grokster decision and say that Sideload encourages infringement. Note to media startup execs: Never send out e-mails that promise "Over 400,000 Tracks(...) At No Cost!" That's just gotta make lawyers itchy.

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