Pirate Bay admin Brokep traveled to Berlin to attend the Oil of the 21st Century conference this weekend where he was interviewed by the German blog Netzpolitik.org. The video interview, which is available here, is at times a little slow for people familiar with the P2P scene, but there are some interesting tidbits in there as well.

Most notable is probably that Brokep is talking a little bit about the new P2P protocol that is being developed by the Pirate Bay and how it will affect the site. The crew apparently already has a working client, but is still adding some features, one of them being metadata right within the Torrent file or its equivalent.

Asked about the future of the Pirate Bay, Brokep explained that he doesn't see the site supporting Bittorrent much longer. In his own words:

"I think we will still grow for a couple of months or maybe a year, and I don't think Bittorrent as a protocol will survive much longer. So if our new protocol works, we will be one of the big websites still. If it doesn't, maybe someone else takes over."

Broke also explained why the Pirate Bay wants to replace Bittorrent with a new protocol - and the reasons are not all technical:

"The biggest problem is that it's owned by the Bittorrent company, which developes new versions of it. So we don't have any input as users to say what we want in the protocol. And Bittorrent is funded by companies which we don't necessarily like as well."

Watch the complete interview here.

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