Apple is gearing up for the release of OS X 10.5 this week - and the file sharing world is preparing for a big release as well. Who knows - maybe we'll even get to see another Pirate Bay doodle.

os x torrent

The Pirate Bay actually was the first Torrent website that carried a copy of the final DVD last Friday. An uploader who called himself "rubyonnails3000" accompanied the release with a few words of true Mac fan boy-ism:

"Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard 9A581. It's the production master. The real deal! Read the attached text file. I release this only for those who can't wait. Please pre-order anyway!!!"

Some Pirate bay users doubted the authenticity of the release. One called "fAkers_annOy_Me" even spread the message in huge ASCII art letters: "FAKE!" Others apparently weren't so convinced - and the fact that somebody would scream fake only made them more curious. Said one user:

"I say, lets trust till we prove it to be fake. I am excited! Hope its 'the real deal'."

Turns out it wasn't. Sure, rubyonnails3000 kept sticking around on The Pirate Bay, discussing his upload and defending it against any doubters. But he also secretly started a Blogspot blog, documenting that the whole thing was really just an experiment to see how fake files are spreading on P2P networks. From the blog:

" What is it like to be a fake uploader? I have been askeding myself for a long time. What makes people do this? It obviously isn't solely the professional business of anti-p2p companies. Often you find copyrighted material just renamed, porn, and sometimes very benign or even funny stuff. So what's the motivation behind it? As I couldn't ask anybody, I just tried it myself. And I know I shouldn't say this publicly, but it was (and still is) quite amusing."

The blog is documenting hour by hour how many people are downloading the Torrent despite growing evidence that it might be fake. People even keep downloading by the hundreds after the Pirate bay deleted the release, and somebody finally uploaded it again on The Pirate Bay after finding it on another site - but apparently before testing. rubyonnails3000'sfinal words:

"Dear Pirates I apologize! I was not the hero to steal this precious gem from Steve Job's strong room. I'm sorry for disappointing your hopes - but hey, it's only five days left! I thank the people who stayed positive throughout the whole discussion on TPB. It's only a download, nothing to get that personal about! I have also downloaded a lot of fakes in my life and that kind of shit just happens."


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