Some folks like to think of Usenet as the file sharing world's fight club. Rule number one: You don't talk about Usenet - or else the RIAA will quote you in their next lawsuit, one might add. Slyck's Thomas Mennecke just received the dubious honor of having one of his texts treated as evidence in the lawsuit against

slyck in lawsuit

From the lawsuit:

"Newsgroups are widely touted - in numerous publications, Internet postings, and other media - as a great source of infringing material, one that is superior to P2P services. See, e.g., Thomas Mennecke, "Bittorrent vs. Usenet", Jan. 9, 2007, available at (comparing Usenet favorably to Bittorrent as a piracy tool)"

Of course the whole notion that rights holders wouldn't be aware of something as old and popular as Usenet is somewhat silly. In fact, record labels and movie studios have been sending cease and desist letters to Usenet providers for years - here is an example from early 2002. The only one who has been ignoring this inconvenient truth are users who are downloading content from Usenet providers, simply because they enjoy relative anonymity. At least for now.

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