No? Don't worry, you're not alone. Pretty much everyone has forgotten about Kazaa's ill-fated call to political action back in 2003. Everyone except Mike Fox that is, who still has a poster of those glorious times on his wall.


Fox still remembers the day he found this poster that can safely be considered one of the great cultural artifacts of the file sharing wars:

"I was leaving a chemistry lab on the University of Washington campus when I encountered this, and the only thought I had was, “I must have this.” I then did as any hardcore P2Per at the time would have done (or should have done); I pulled-out the pushpin, removed it from the bulletin board and took it for my own…"

At least now we know why the Kazaa revolution never played out the way the folks at Sharman networks wanted to. Kazaa's users just kept all those pamphlets to themselves instead of spreading the word about the coming uprising. Guess that's what happens when you rely on people who are used to a free and ever-growing personal media collection ...

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