I've been rambling a lot lately about ultimate online TV guides and how they could safe companies like Tivo. Now it looks like that others are starting to fill the gap. Web 2.0 TV guides like Sidereel are popping up all over the place. The next one up is Locate TV, a site that is officially starting its open beta test on Monday.

Locate TV is a little bit like the Google version of the TV guide world, featuring a clean look that centers around a search interface. The site lets you search for TV shows, movies or actors and explore each more in depth on detail pages. Each detail page gives you the next on air dates of the show, episode or movie in question based on your account localization info.

Locate TV also has some links to DVD shops and download pages, but unfortunately no streaming locations at all - something that makes it look a little old fashioned in the age of Joost and the free streams almost every network offer on the web these days. There are also no links at all to P2P ressources, and the Locate TV folks make it quite clear that they won't be linking to "illegal content".

Click to see LocateTV results for Heroes. Always up to date, always relevant to you.

What I do like about Locate TV are these widgets / badges. I'd love to see something like this for Torrent sites as well.

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