So you got yourself a nice connected home theater setup. A fat media server with up to a Terabyte of hard disk space. A media receiver that streams HD data to your living room. And of course a nice, big flat panel TV. So where do you get the media to enjoy with this setup? Well, of course Torrentspy and Minnova. At least that's what the media center maker Helios Labs is suggesting.

helios labs
Helios Labs has recently been running ads through Google Adwords, some of which appeared on this site, that read:

"BitTorrent to your TV. Download. Connect. Watch on the big screen."

The ad also shows the logos of Torrentspy, Isohunt and Mininova, as well as a TV screen with images from the popular TV shows House and Heroes. The Helios labs website isn't that blunt and merely suggests their products are good for people who have "hundreds of gigs of downloaded media: including videos, music, and images".

Of course this isn't the first time device makers have been courting downloaders. In fact, many electronics makers have been running ads on Torrent websites for years. They tend to blame ad agencies for these campaigns, but of course it's only logical that they would go where their customers are. You just usually don't expect them to be as honest about it as Helios Labs.

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