Public radio is probably the last thing video podcasters have on their mind when they are searching for inspiration. Instead, people are looking to new media pioneers like Rocketboom or to old media rebels like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The result usually is a guy or a girl sitting in an improvised faux TV studio, talking about tech news while trying to be funny. Sometimes this works, more than often it doesnít.

But, public radio? Isnít that even more boring? Yes, usually it is. Except for Ira Glass and his show This American Life. Glass has been using the show to break the paradigms of radio for more than ten years now. He is putting the spotlight on folks who tend to get ignored by other journalists, and he is a master of delicate storytelling. Glass is also something of a pioneer of citizen participation in media. Some of his best shows feature folks who have never done radio before. Glass has been reaching out to amateurs for years, sharing knowledge and encouraging them to find their own voice. One of his latest targets: Video podcasters. Continue reading at

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