Regular readers of this blog probably know by now that I've been somewhat obsessed with both and Yahoo Pipes lately.

I've been thinking about using Pipes for a Plazes mashup for a while. Now I finally did it, and I must say it was actually much easier than I thought.

plazes local

Plazes Local Search combines Yahoo Local and, which means that you can search Yahoo Local whereever you are without entering your current location. You do need to be a Plazes user for this, Plaze yourself somewhere and make your current location available for the world to see - which is something you might not want to do if you're afraid of stalkers. Oh, and you need to be in the US as well.

I must admit that I'm actually somewhat excited about this. Most of my Pipes so far have been more educational, meaning that I wanted to teach myself or others how to use the service. This one seems like a mashup that I might actually end up using quite a bit. I do have a few idea how to make it better, but I'd also be interested in your feedback ...

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