Actvity has been sow on the Joost invite chain lately, both in terms of people signing up and people actually getting an invite. The second point of course is more of an issue, because it would indicate that the chain doesn't work as well as I thought.

I still think the whole magic number formula was a good idea - and if you don' have any idea what I'm talking about, please go and read the original posting. It had one weak link though: The invite chain is basically a black box. No one really has any idea about the current status, except for the last few people who got an invite.

Luckily, P2P Blog reader Sharad was so nice to set up a Wiki to open up the box a bit by tracking the invite status. I'd encourage everyone who has taken part in the invite chain to go to the Wiki page and enter the necessary information. That way we'll have an iddea who got an invite and who still needs one, whcih makes it much easier to restart the whole thing.

Also, when inviting people - please remind them of this blog and the Wiki page. Some folks apparently have applied on numerous websites for an invite, which might explain why some of the forgot to keep the chain going.

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