Please don't email me anymore about Joost invites. I'll be clearing my backlog and invite everyone who previously answered, but I also got a life ... :)

Of course I understand that you all are curious - which is why I came up with the ultimate Joost invite thread. Just read on, follow all the instructions carefully - and you should have your invite in no time.

Update: It would be great if you could aslo track the progress of the chain on this Wiki page (password: "joost"). Click here for more information.

Here's what to do to get an invite:

1. Write a comment to this entry including the following information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Magic number:

Also, put your email address in the "E-mail/HTTP" field of the comment form.

2. Come back to this entry once you got your invite and invite everyone with the three consecutive higher magic numbers than yours. So if your magic number is 14 you'll invite number 15, 16 and 17. Update: Please mention that you are part of this chain in your invite.

3. Please consider subscribing to the P2P Blog RSS feed or linking to this site on your weblog. Update: Also, please go to this Wiki page and let us know how it worked out for you.

What's this magic number thing?

Good question. The magic number is actually just a comment count. Just browse to the end of this page and look at the last comment to figure out which number is yours. If the last comment is numbered 13, then your number is 14. Easy, right?

What if someone commented at the same time than I did and now we have the same magic number?

Don't worry about small inaccuracies. People are advised to invite everyone with the next three numbers, so if two people have number 14 they still should get their invite eventually.

You want me to publish my email address? What about spam?

No worries. This blog uses a email obfuscation script that makes it close to impossible for any bot to even recognize your email address as long as you put it in the right form field. Of course, people could just grab your address manually, so you still might want to give out a less important address. Or use a one-time email address and then invite yourself.

What about comments without magic numbers?

Those folks obviously didn't read this posting. They will be breaking the chain, which is why you should just skip them. Or invite them anyway if you are having a good day, as long as you still invite the persons with the three consecutive magic numbers following yours.

I did everything you said, but I still haven't gotten my invite!

People need to download and install Joost to invite others, so this might take some time. Be patient. But feel free to come back and leave a comment if three or four days go by and you still haven't gotten anything.

Okay then, how do we get started?

Just go through steps 1 to three as described above. I'll be personally inviting the first three commenters.

Great! Any final words?

Don't. break. The chain. Seriously. Don't do it.

Update 2: Joost is now open to everyone, so you don't need any invites anymore. Some 125 people used this thread, but I decided to erase all comments to make sure people don't get spammed ...

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