Speaking of Red Swoosh: Akamai did get some new opportunities when they bought the P2P company, but they also got themselves a potential conflict with some open source Bittorrent developers.

Red Swoosh has been working on a browser-based Bittorrent client called Foxtorrent. Turns out there is already another Foxtorrent project out there that is working on a Firefox frontend for Azureus. A few days ago the Foxtorrent members wrote an open email to the Red Swoosh folks:

"Gentlepeople: Please change the name of your software to something else. The name FoxTorrent is already taken. "

Doesn't sound too threatening, does it? Which is why I think Akamai should be good sports about it too - and just drop the disputed name. After all, there are plenty of other names still available. Akamaitorrent would be an obvious choice, but it's a little too long if you ask me.

But what about Akatorrent? Sounds cool, hasn't been used - and it even offers some opportunities for word plays, as in:

"We use an efficient content delivery technology (aka torrent)."

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