No, I don't have any more Joost invites. Guess people will just have to wait until early May whenever Joost comes out of beta. Unfortunately watching the Joost commercial that recently popped up up on Youtube doesn't really make up for the real thing either.

It did however help me to discover some great Joost interviews that someone posted to Youtube two months ago. The interviews seem to be part of a series called "Behind The Scenes at The Venice Project". I'm not sure who did them, or why they have been completely overlooked - each video only has about 300 to 700 views so far. But the clips are definitely worth a look.

The interview below is featuring Henrik Werdelin, EVP at Joost. You'll find interviews with Joost CTO Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Operational Engineering Director Sander van Zoest and Co-founder Janus Friis directly on Youtube.

: Looks like the folks at Joost did those videos themselves. There are better quality versions available at the official Joost Blog (Thanks, Matt!)

Update: Check here for Joost invites.
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