Let's face it: Cachelogic has had a crush on Bittorrent for quite some time. Now it looks like they finally get some love back. The BBC reports that Bittorrent and Cachelogic are cooperating on a new version of the popular P2P protocol and software that will incorporate cache servers. Kind of like a P2P version of Akamai, if you will.

Once authorized downloads are available over Bittorrent, like one of those upcoming Warner Brothers movies or maybe some Chinese porn, it will be superseeded by Cachelogic servers. This seems to be based on a technology trial that's going on for a while in the UK already, but I'd suspect that the new model doesn't depend on ISPs that much anymore.

Oh, and by the way, while we're dishing out romance gossip: The BBC seems to really like Digg. The article is accompanied by an audio version of an interview with Bram Cohen. But in order to get the audio link you first have to go to Digg.com, where you can Digg the article while you'e at it. Clever.

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