One of the often overlooked problems online music stores are facing these days is localization. Back in the old days, when music was still made with real instruments and shipped in wood boxes to the iTunes music store, localization was easy. You were local if you spoke the language - with the language being money and your Visa card being proof of eloquence. You were welcome at US download stores if you had a US credit card.

Then tons of free promotions made the whole thing a little more difficult. Or was it credit card fraud? Anyway, online outlets started using IP numbers to localize their customers and shut out whole parts of the world. Nothing to see here, unless you are one of us.
The problem with IP localization is that it only works most of the time. Some big international ISPs have their own clusters of IP numbers and hand them out to their customers without really caring to much about their passport or current location.

Looks like MTV now finally found the holy grail of localization. Their new Urge platform uses complicated forensics to establish where you reside. How do they do it? They look at your Windows XP settings for displaying date, time and monetary data. If your workday ends at 18:00 o'clock and you only make a few Euros an hour, then you'll find that Urge refuses to load.

But if you accept the dollar in your life, then the doors will open for you. Thank you, MTV, for showing us what being American really is about.
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