Google is getting some heat for their cooperation with P2P scammers, according to CNet News and the Wall Street Journal. The company is getting under pressure after the Journal mentioned their role in a lawsuit against two scammers that operated the sites and

Sites like these tend to promise free music and movie downloads for a subscription fee, but eventually only offer P2P software that otherwise would have been free. A lot of the documents in the lawsuit are sealed, but the Journal is reporting that Google made more than 800.000 dollars from Adsense ads for these two sites. Google allegedly suggested to use keywords like "pirated" and "download harry potter movie".

It's been common knowledge for a long time that Google & Co. are attracting a lot of scammers wit Adsense and similiar programs. Spyware expert Ben Edelman estimated last fall that Google & Yahoo are making two million dollars per year on fraudulent ads for screensavers alone.

Change may finally be coming to Adsense tho. From CNet News:

"Google said it would remove certain objectionable ads, create a list of approved advertisers, not sell keywords used by sites to advertise pirated content, introduce guidelines on monitoring keywords, and train its ad sales force to recognize and avoid selling such ads."

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