will announce later today that they'll be giving away unlimited storage and bandwith as part of their free music locker offering. Previously the free music locker was limited to one gigabyte of storage or one thousand MP3s.

MP3Tunes users can stream their music from anywhere via a Flash-based web player. There are also plugins for iTunes and Winamp available for download, and MP3Tunes is integrated into the Songbird media player. Tivo users can also access their music locker through the networking services of their DVR. And finally, non-paying users can now make unlimited use of the MP3Tunes sync tool - a program that allows batch up- and downloading of selected folders or even your entire library.


MP3Tunes was founded by founder Michael Robertson, who initially launched the service as an MP3 download store based on the CD Baby catalogue. The music locker platform launched in late 2005. Back at that time free use was somewhat restricted, and the technology was a bit bumpy. The company has been taking steps towards a free model since last summer.

The free offering will be financed by text, audio and video advertising. I'm not sure how they want to do the audio and video integration, but we'll see. Ad-free accounts are 40 dollars per year.

MP3Tunes has been upgrading some of their previously registered users to the unlimited plan in recent weeks. New users might have to wait a little while until their locker becomes unlimited. From the website:

"Oboe Free Unlimited is currently available for a select number of new sign-ups each day. To be first in line for an upgrade, sign up now for Oboe Free and start syncing."

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