Techcrunch reported yesterday that the Arizona-based startup is working on a P2P extension for Mosoto is using the Facebook API to connect registered users with friends of various degrees as well as networks / groups.

Users can then chat with each other, stream music and share files through a Flash-based web application. The platform makes heavy use of for file sharing, which is why they don't really need a client based P2P component.

Right now Mosoto seems to be in closed alpha. It's kind of hard to tell because the website already offers you the option to log in, complete with accessing the Facebook API - but then nothing happens. Guess that might look different for registered alpha users.

Here's a couple of screenshots from the Mosoto Facebook group for a first preview:

mosoto 1

mosoto 2

mosoto 3

Mosoto apparently wants to stay clear of copyright conflicts by only allowing streaming access to music. From the Mosoto website:

"Filesharing has been about finding a file, downloading it, then installing an application to use it, but only on your computer. Mosoto is about immediate gratification. Double click your friends song from any computer and it starts playing then and there. If you like it, just drag it into a playlist to share with friends."

Of course, that strategy didn't seem to work that well for Grouper, so we'll have to see how it plays out in this case.

By the way: Mosoto isn't the first attempt to combine with file sharing. Early on the Facebook founders developed a social sharing application called Wirehog. The service went into limited beta in 2004, but disappeared a few months later.

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