Open source media player Songbird will be able to play DRM protected downloads from Apple's iTunes music store as well as from Yahoo Music Unlimited and similiar outlets using the Windows Media Playsforsure DRM - as long as you are using OS X or windows, that is.


The Songbird team didn't feel like spending the rest of their life in court, which is why they didn't reverse engineer the copy protection of either format. Songbird is instead using the playback engines of Quicktime and Windows Media Player to play protected content - which is why Fairplay will only work on OS X and Windows and Playsforsure will be Windows exclusive. From the Songbird blog:

"We use VLC for playback of most file types, but now whenever you play a protected WMA or M4P file we swap in the Windows Media Player or QuickTime core. Sounds easy, right?"

Apparently it wasn't, and one of their developers shares some useful advice on how to deal with cryptic Quicktime error messages.

I interviewed Songbird founder Rob Lord earlier last year. Read the full interview here, or just get the new nightly which already features Fairplay and Playsforsure playback.

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